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Chambers is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost criminal sets in the country, which offers specialised and dedicated representation for defence clients at all levels of the criminal justice system up to and including the Supreme Court.

Members appear throughout England and Wales, Northern Ireland and the Caribbean, and in other international jurisdictions. They provide outstanding legal knowledge, focused and timely advice, and robust and effective advocacy to individuals and corporates.

Chambers offers unrivalled experience and ability in the defence of cases of murder, terrorism and serious fraud. Expertise is provided at all levels in the fields of drug trafficking, armed robbery, blackmail, money laundering and other serious and organised crime.

Members have appeared for the defence in some of the most challenging and high profile trials in recent years, including:

  • The Adam Johnson trial
  • The Cairns Trial
  • Operation Tabernula – Defendant Charged with 10’s of millions of insider dealings, it was the largest prosecution of its type to ever have been brought.
  • The SFO’s Rolls-Royce investigation
  • Operation Yewtree matters including Paul Gadd (Gary Glitter)
  • R v KM, which used new DNA profiling techniques
  • Acting for individuals involved in LIBOR prosecution case
  • Jimmy Mubenga gross negligence manslaughter case
  • News International phone hacking cases (Rebekah Brooks and Ian Edmondson)



Jack Shah
Jack Shah, Senior Practice Clerk
Criminal Defence Team

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Directory Quotes

“2 Hare Court are fortunate to have such a dedicated set of clerks. They are always very keen to help and will respond timely to enquiries positively.”

“Director of Clerking Julian Campbell is a standout. He’s very business-focused and a really good commercial guy.” and “Julian is one of the masters of the clerking profession. He understands his counsel and knows which ones to put forward.”

“Senior Practice Clerk Jack Shah tells you exactly how it is – he describes his barristers’ qualities down to a T.”

“Chloe Tennent is very, very reliable. I have great admiration for her hard work and diligence.”

Chambers UK 2024

“No question that they are one of the best sets around. Quality all over. Their counsel are always in demand.”

“An outstanding set of chambers with a sophisticated and commercially-minded clerking team. One of only a very small number of chambers where one knows clients will get the best possible representation regardless of which barrister is dealing with the case.”

“2 Hare Court is one of a small cohort of elite chambers; with advocates working on some of the most high-profile, serious and complex cases.” and “Their barristers are in a league of their own.”

“The clerks are a pleasure to deal with. Julian, Jack and Chloe are particularly good.”

Legal 500 UK 2024

“The set is loaded with exceptional silks and senior juniors at the top of their game and diligent juniors with qualities above their call.”

“The clerks are all efficient, friendly and helpful at all times, particularly when it comes to the allocation of counsel and listing issues. The clerks understand the needs of instructing solicitors and identify suitable counsel for cases.”

Julian Campbell, the director of clerking, “has his fingers on the pulse of all the big cases in the country. He is responsive, keen to help and someone who puts the right person on the right job.” Campbell’s team includes Jack Shah, “an enthusiastic, clued-up individual who is highly effective and eager to assist.”

Chambers UK 2023

“One of the leading criminal sets in London, if not the leader. It excels in its training programmes and its depth of representation from leader to junior.” and “2 Hare Court continue to be my go-to chambers for all cases, large or small. The strength in depth they have is unrivalled…..An excellent set of chambers often appearing in the most high profile criminal cases.”

“2 Hare Court is a Who’s Who of top criminal practitioners. It has the wow factor and is rightly viewed as one of the very best criminal sets.” and “2 Hare Court have a wide range of experience and availability in relation to criminal law.”

“Chloe Skinsgley is a very diligent and approachable clerk.”

Legal 500 UK 2023

“First class in every way from the top silks down to the pupils.” “One of the very best criminal sets, it is brimful of talent.”

“The clerks are professional and keep to their word. There are never any diary clashes and they resolve problems in advance.” The director of clerking, Julian Campbell, is described as “having always been excellent.” He works alongside senior practice clerk Jack Shah, who is noted for the efficiency and enthusiasm with which he goes about his work.

Chambers UK 2022

“2 Hare Court is a stand out set in this area, with a huge array of barristers who are at the top of the field in crime and regulatory matters. They are my go to set for any case.” and “It is a high quality set that is a power-house in a number of leading areas. It is a brilliantly well-rounded set.” and “I use 2 Hare Court for most of my cases. They have a wide range of experienced counsel who can cover most of my matters. I have no worries when a brief has to be returned as there is always someone competent, capable and helpful to take them over.” and “2 Hare Court is a set I readily recommend. Very professional, with many Leading and Junior Counsel of high calibre and expertise.” and “2 Hare Court are one of my Chambers I go to straight away. I have instructed many of Chambers’ junior barristers and pupils on general crime cases, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I consider them first rate, and lovely to work with.”

“The clerks are excellent, and will always go the extra mile. Also, this Chambers is extremely welcoming for conferences.” and “The clerks at 2 Hare Court are impressive across the board. They are friendly, efficient and proactive.” and “The clerking team at 2 Hare Court is extremely accessible and they are always willing to assist where they can. They also provide honest insight into Counsel so you know you are instructing the person who is best suited to the case.”

Legal 500 UK 2022

“An excellent set with, pound for pound, some of the best barristers at the Bar.” and “All the barristers here have excellent legal knowledge, a wealth of expertise and strong advocacy skills.”

Chambers UK 2021

“A very impressive chambers with an exceptionally high quality of barristers” and “one of the leading sets in the UK.”

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