Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson

Year of call: 2008
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Criminal Defence

Fiona has extensive trial experience and regularly defends cases across the spectrum of serious criminal offences including rape and murder. She has particular experience conducting matters involving young defendants or those with mental health issues. She regularly conducts matters involving different aspects of expert evidence including cell site, DNA and medical evidence and is able to master these complex areas with ease.


R v Bosoanca 

Cristina Bosoanca was accused of trafficking her best friend from Cyprus to the UK, via Romania, and forcing her to work as a prostitute. The prosecution offered no evidence on all counts on the indictment faced by Narita Bahra and Fiona’s client. The CPS failed to disclose vital evidence until 17 days into the trial, leading HHJ Perrins to order an inquiry. Bosoanca had spent 13 months in prison, during which time she gave birth to a son with a genetic disorder.

Miah v R

A sentence of 42 months’ imprisonment was reduced to 30 months on appeal for possession with intent to supply cocaine. The Court of Appeal praised Fiona’s “well argued and crisp submissions delivered with clarity and succinctness”.

R v Douglas

The defendant was pulled over in a road side stop after reports he had left a nearby bar with a firearm. The firearm fell from the trousers of the passenger and the defendant made a lunge for the gun. DNA analysis revealed the defendant’s DNA on the outside, inside, magazine and rounds of the firearm. The case was dismissed at half time after Fiona was able to show the DNA was unreliable due to the risk of contamination.

R v T

The defendant was acquitted of rape and sexual assault. The case involved careful and sensitive witness handling as both the defendant and victim were youths.

R v W

The defendant was accused of drugging and raping his step daughter. The case involved complex issues concerning bad character, telephone, DNA evidence and confession evidence. After extensive cross examination of the complainant, her mother and her best friend the case was dismissed at half time.

R v D

The defendant was accused of raping his ex girlfriend at knife point and knife marks were found in the door of the house where the rape was alleged to have occurred. The complainant was cross examined over 2 days in which the inconsistencies in her account became apparent. The defendant was unanimously acquitted of rape by the jury in under 2 hours.


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