Barrister Recruitment

2 Hare Court recognises the constant need to grow and develop, and values the role to be played in that process by external recruitment.

Chambers welcomes applications for tenancy from external candidates at all levels of call. By identifying practitioners of the highest quality, we hope to offer a professional environment where such individuals can excel and reach their full potential.

Whilst expecting candidates to be able to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to practice at the highest level, we recognise that, in some instances, and for many different reasons, candidates may not have been able to undertake the level of work, or develop the kind of practice that they aspire to. In looking for individuals’ potential to succeed, we remain committed to working with successful candidates to help them achieve their goals, with the help of fellow members of Chambers, and our first rate clerking and business development team.

We also recognise the importance to Chambers and the legal profession as a whole, of ensuring that our membership is diverse and reflects a breadth of lived experience. The Bar as a whole continues to fall short of reflecting the society that it serves, most notably in the under-representation of ethnic minorities and women in the senior ranks of the profession, of black/black-British practitioners at all levels, and of individuals who identify themselves as disabled at all levels (see BSB: Diversity at the Bar 2020 here). 2 Hare Court is not immune from those problems. However, we are committed to striving to see those problems redressed, and to ensuring that nobody is prevented from achieving the goals in their career by their race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sex, pregnancy/maternity, gender, sexuality, disability or socio-economic background. We encourage all those who believe they have the potential to grow and thrive in a career at the modern Bar to apply to us, regardless of their background.



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For more information please contact the clerks on +44 (0)20 7353 5324 or email for help. We will guide you through our simple and transparent process and get the right representation for your matter.