The landscape of the insurance industry is constantly changing, making Insurance one of the most complex and highly regulated businesses in the financial world. Developments in regulatory standards, emerging and growing risks, technology and expansion of capital market players will all shape the future of the sector.

The prevalence of claims management companies and the developments in professional regulation have increased the importance of properly defending claims or other proceedings brought against insured parties. The pressure on insurers will only increase following the introduction of the Insurance Act 2015, which signals fundamental changes in the nature of disclosure duties in non-consumer contracts and the effect of their breach, warranties and other contractual terms, and remedies for fraudulent claims.

At 2 Hare Court our clients include insurers, indemnity providers, intermediaries, banks, other financial institutions, regulators and other insurance industry participants. Across our practice area groups we are able to tackle complex insurance funded matters such as health & safety, corporate manslaughter, fraud, professional discipline, and industrial disease claims, amongst other areas.