News Business Crime & Financial Services 29th Sep 2015

Tesco Cash for Crash Insurance Fraud Conspiracy

Narita Bahra secured an acquittal for the Tesco Cash for Crash Insurance Fraud Conspiracy this week.

Her client was one of twenty-one defendants facing Trial upon a topical subject, which costs every insured driver in the United Kingdom. The law in the UK entitles those injured in car accidents that were not their fault to claim Personal Injury compensation. Each of the twenty-one defendants were accused of conspiring to commit fraud by false representation by claiming to have been injured in a car crash. The Prosecution alleged that the defendants had targeted Tesco and car insurance firms by mounting faked or bogus accidents to make fraudulent claims. They further alleged that fraudsters exaggerated their injuries in order to claim Personal Injury compensation and other costs.

Narita Bahra‘s lethal cross-examination of the prosecution experts was the turning point in this case and her client was acquitted.

Narita was instructed by Nazia Baig from ABV Solicitors.

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