With 1.4million people employed in the transport and storage industry, and individuals traveling, on average, over 6,500 miles per year, the transport sector is one that touches upon a great breadth of legal areas. Rail passenger journeys have more than doubled since the mid-nineties. UK-based airlines flew passengers a total of 324billion kilometers in 2014, compared to 273billion in 2004. There are around seven times more cars on Britain’s road than there were in 1950. And with talk of major infrastructure developments in the future, such as HS2 and the expansion of airport capacity in London, it seems almost inevitable that legal issues will arise that require the advice and expertise of counsel experienced in a range of different fields.

Whether in the context of the construction of transport infrastructure, or the actual transportation of passengers or freight, health and safety is an ever-present feature of the transport industry. Members of chambers have a wealth of experience advising clients at every stage, from dealings with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), through to conducting the defence of cases at trial.

Outside the criminal and regulatory context, members regularly appear before Coroners’ inquests, which might arise out of HSE proceedings. We advise and represent clients and prosecuting authorities in relation to a wide range of motoring matters, from the licensing of private hire vehicles to causing death by dangerous driving.