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Chambers has developed specialism in civil practice which dovetails with other areas of work, particularly in respect of health and safety, healthcare and police/prison law.  This includes personal injury claims arising as a result of injuries at work, detention in police stations, prisons and immigration centres.  Further, members of Chambers undertake clinical negligence work in the same context, providing advice and representation in respect of claims arising from healthcare provided during detention and as well as in care homes.

Chambers has developed a specialist personal injury team to act on behalf of companies against whom claims for industrial disease or injury have been made as well as representing individuals suffering injuries at work. In addition to their Health & Safety expertise, our members’ experience in representing healthcare practitioners before their disciplinary bodies and in coronial proceedings provides an invaluable skillset in this regard. As experts in presenting and challenging expert medical and other technical evidence across a great variety of tribunals from the Crown, County and High Courts to the MPTS, Chambers’ Civil Litigation Team is well placed to provide advice and advocacy in the pursuance and defence of civil claims.

Members undertake advisory, drafting and advocacy work in a large number of industrial deafness claims as well as in proceedings in respect of bullying, harassment and occupational stress, with a particular emphasis on claims involving police forces.

This experience extends to civil claims involving the police and other state institutions and private providers, which include claims for false imprisonment, assault, malicious prosecution, misfeasance in public office and those arising out of alleged breaches of the ECHR and in particular Article 10, the freedom of expression.

The development of this specialism has enabled Chambers to provide a complete service to insurers across the civil, criminal, disciplinaryregulatory and coronial spheres.


Julian Campbell
Julian Campbell, Director of Clerking
Civil Litigation Team

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