Julian Campbell

Julian Campbell

"Julian Campbell is one of the best senior clerks around – he really takes the time to get to know you and how you operate and who your clients are and is great at matching barristers to the work."

Legal 500 UK 2024
Director of Clerking
For enquiries please call : 020 7869 7806 or email linkedin

Julian Campbell has been leading 2 Hare Court’s clerking team since 2012. He has overall responsibility for all aspects of Chambers’ practice management, marketing and business development and is dedicated to providing a professional and personal service to all clients of Chambers. Julian travels regularly to visit clients throughout the UK and overseas.

Julian has extensive experience in the areas of crime, professional discipline, health & safety, trading standards, environmental, product liability, insurance, construction, professional negligence, clinical negligence and personal injury law.

Julian was shortlisted for Senior Clerk of the Year in the Legal 500 2017 awards.

What others say:

“Director of Clerking Julian Campbell is a standout. He’s very business-focused and a really good commercial guy.” – Chambers UK 2024

“Julian is one of the masters of the clerking profession. He understands his counsel and knows which ones to put forward.” – Chambers UK 2024

“Director of clerking Julian Campbell is very business-focused but also very reasonable.” – Chambers UK 2024

“Julian Campbell is an excellent clerk.” – Chambers UK 2024

“Julian Campbell is excellent and makes every effort to accommodate the client’s needs. He always works hard to try to cover urgent cases that come up and his assistance is always very much appreciated.” – Chambers UK 2024

“Julian Campbell is great – he’s got good commercial nous and he knows how to add value on that side. They’ve also got a newsletter I find quite valuable.” – Chambers UK 2024

“The clerking service is excellent – they provide prompt responses in requests and regularly help with sorting listings. Julian Campbell is particularly impressive.” – Legal 500 UK 2024

“The set as a whole is fantastic to work with. The clerks make life every easy, and are on top of everything. Julian Campbell and Chloe Tennent are brilliant.” – Legal 500 UK 2024

Julian Campbell, the director of clerking, “has his fingers on the pulse of all the big cases in the country. He is responsive, keen to help and someone who puts the right person on the right job.” – Chambers UK 2023

“Director of clerking Julian Campbell is absolutely fantastic. He is a brilliant clerk and a pleasure to deal with.” and “Julian Campbell goes above and beyond in liaising with the court and takes a huge load off our shoulders.” – Chambers UK 2023

“Excellent. Julian Campbell is particularly exceptional, making an effort to respond promptly to requests and going above and beyond to provide support.” – Legal 500 UK 2023

“Julian Campbell is great.” “The clerks’ room is well led by Julian Campbell, who is always approachable.” and “Julian Campbell is very effective and user-friendly.” – Legal 500 UK 2023

“The director of clerking Julian Campbell is outstanding. He is very commercial but sensible, and he understand the pressures solicitors are under.” and is noted as “having always been excellent.” – Chambers UK 2022

“They are fantastic and the senior clerk, Julian Campbell, will go a long way to suggest personalities you will get along with.” – Chambers UK 2022

“Julian Campbell is without an equal amongst the senior clerks in the top sets.” – Legal 500 UK 2022

“Julian Campbell is the most knowledgeable H&S clerk in London. 2 Hare Court have a lot to thank him for in building their safety team so well.” – Legal 500 UK 2022

“The clerks are excellent, ably led by Julian Campbell…..Brilliant – there is nobody more experienced in this area than Julian Campbell their Director of Clerking” – Legal 500 UK 2022

“I have primarily dealt with Julian Campbell, but on occasion, I do interact with other clerks. The clerks are always helpful and attentive…….The clerks’ room is well-led by Julian Campbell who is always approachable to discuss instructions and costings with.” – Legal 500 UK 2022

“They have an excellent clerking team – always willing to go the extra mile to provide assistance. Julian Campbell does an excellent job.” – Legal 500 UK 2022

“Julian Campbell runs a very smooth and professional operation……one of the best clerking teams from senior to the most junior clerks.” – Legal 500 UK 2021

“Efficient, friendly and helpful at all times, particularly when it comes to listing issues and the allocation of counsel.” Julian Campbell, is highlighted as being “friendly, approachable and solution-oriented.” and “superbly professional and highly responsive.” – Chambers UK 2021

“The senior clerk, Julian Campbell, is excellent. Everyone on his team is very effective, commercial and really understands the practice area.” – Chambers UK 2021

“From the moment you walk in to chambers you are very well looked after” and “the clerks again remain the best and Julian Campbell goes that extra mile to advise and arrange everything that he can to make the clients life easier. He has an excellent communication style and is very quick at responding.” – Legal 500 2021

“Julian Campbell is ‘the’ regulatory clerk in the UK, he just makes things happen.” – Chambers UK 2020

“He is fantastic to work with and he’s very much on our side. He’s very commercial when it comes to fees.” – Chambers UK 2020
“Director of clerking Julian Campbell, who is “widely recognised as being amongst the best in the business” and “provides an extremely slick and professional service” – Legal 500 2020

“A highly revered senior clerk who maintains a fine reputation in the market.” – Chambers UK 2018

“Incredibly supportive, highly efficient and someone who applies commercialilty to his clerking.” – Chambers UK 2017

Julian Campbell is said to lead a clerking team who are… “very knowledgeable and very good at pulling out all the stops. They find solutions almost before you know there’s a problem.” – Chambers UK 2016