News Criminal Defence 8th Dec 2023

Representations by Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC result in prosecution offering no evidence in an allegation of non fatal strangulation and assault

The defendant was indicted for allegations of non fatal strangulation and assault against his former partner and her friend. The allegation was almost immediately withdrawn by the complainants, but the CPS initially decided that the case should continue.

The defendant, a mature professional man, changed representation and instructed Peters & Peters and Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC.

There followed a series of detailed representations and the provision of evidence which called the account of the two complainants into question.

Following this, the CPS decided that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction and offered no evidence against the defendant; not guilty verdicts were entered.

The Judge remarked upon the “fantastic” representation by Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC and her instructing solicitors. The client also provided a fulsome letter of thanks to Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC, remarking that:

“Sallie‚Äôs defence of my case was incredible. I had complete confidence in her and was in awe of her interactions with the court. From the first to the last minute of her instruction I felt safe, looked after and above all that she would defend me successfully to achieve the right outcome. I am delighted to say that this was proved to be the case, thank you. In addition to my full confidence in the proactive defence strategy deployed, I was humbled by Sallie and Peters and Peters client care – this went a long way to helping me through an extremely traumatic ordeal”.


Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC was instructed by Rachel Cook and Liam Lane of Peters & Peters.


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