Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC

Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC

"The thing that makes Sallie stand out is her work at trial. She is exceptional in court and always reads the jury well."

Chambers UK 2024
Year of call: 1984 KC: 2006
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Sallie Bennett-Jenkins KC continues her star silk status in Chambers UK 2024 and is described as ‘pheonomenal’ by the directory. She has been cited on a number of occasions as a leading silk by the Legal 500 and, prior to taking silk, as a leading junior. She is described as “exceptional in court ” in Chambers UK. She was appointed King’s Counsel in October 2006 following a period of 8 years as Treasury Counsel, and has since become first choice defence counsel for firms with private clients who demand an incisive advocate with a mastery of detail, and who can instil real confidence in the client. She has been described as having a “thoroughly devastating style of cross examination which is a pleasure to watch”.

In silk, she has encouraged and maintained a diverse defence practice which ranges from murder to fraud and advisory work for multinational corporations in respect of computer crime, Health and Safety and Food and Drugs.

Her back catalogue of cases demonstrates her exceptional ability as an advocate, in the most complex and demanding of cases.

Sallie was recently shortlisted as Crime and Extradition Silk of the Year in The Legal 500 UK Bar Awards 2022.

What others say:

“Sallie is the go-to for clients accused of serious and sexual criminal offences. She is phenomenal.” and “She does a wonderful, subtle job and has the kind of gravitas that everybody respects.” – Chambers UK 2024

“Sallie is a fantastic advocate who goes head-to-head with judges when necessary. Her approach is very personal but no-nonsense at the same time.” – Legal 500 UK 2024

“Sallie is the most outstanding advocate. She is very persuasive when on her feet and a shining example of excellence at the Bar both inside and outside court.” – Chambers UK 2023

“Sallie is a strong and fearless advocate. Her cross-examination skills are breathtaking.” – Legal 500 UK 2023

“She is brilliant and has a great way of building rapport and trust with vulnerable clients.” “A calming influence who instils confidence and controls every situation she finds herself in. She always ensures that the client feels supported through the process.” “Completely tireless and fearless. She often thinks of points that no one else does.” – Chambers UK 2022

“Sallie is a powerful and deadly advocate. Her cross-examinations are a masterclass in effective advocacy. She is 100% committed to a case.” – Legal 500 UK 2022

“A real gamekeeper turned poacher, she is a street-fighting defence counsel who gets great results and is excellent with clients.” “One of the best trial advocates out there. Her ability to think on her feet is phenomenal and she is great when it comes to cross-examination.” “Sallie is an incredibly hard-working, tenacious and formidable advocate.” – Chambers UK 2021

“There is no doubt that Sallie is a first class act. Her cross-examination is as polished as it is lethal. She cuts to the chase and works with absolute focus on a case. She rightfully commands the respect of opponents, the court and the client.” – Legal 500 UK 2021

“Sallie is loved by all and feared by many, and is counsel of choice for all if you are lucky enough to be able to obtain her services. You simply couldn’t ask for more.” – Chambers UK 2020

“There is nothing she doesn’t know about sex cases.” – Legal 500 2020

“She is extremely intelligent, she prepares very well and her client care is amazing.” – Chambers UK 2019

“She is amazing. She achieves phenomenal success, is extremely hands-on and provides an outstanding service to clients.” – Chambers UK 2019

“She has a great way with clients and judges.” – Legal 500 2019

“She is extremely intelligent, she prepares very well and her client care is amazing.” – Chambers UK 2018

“A street-fighting defence counsel who gets great results and is excellent with clients.” – Chambers UK 2018

“She is very skilled and very articulate. She’s both very good on paper and very good in person.” – Chambers UK 2017

“An excellent advocate, who is great at dealing with distressed clients.”- Legal 500 2017

“She has a fearless disposition and is academically very strong.” – Chambers UK 2017

“A streetfighting defence counsel who gets great results and is excellent with clients.” – Chambers UK 2017

“She is outstanding on sexual offences and has achieved some remarkable results. She has an excellent manner when handling these sensitive matters, and is one of the great talents at the Criminal Bar.” – Chambers UK 2016

“She is great. Fearless and direct, she makes her points in a way that is easy to understand.”- Chambers UK 2016

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