Mark Graffius KC

Mark Graffius KC

Year of call: 1990 KC: 2020
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Criminal Defence


R v G

London gang related murder involving north London gangs.

R v T

16 year old charged with murder.

R v M

London gang related murder involving east London gangs.

R v A

London gang related murder involving the Mali Boys and Higham Hill gang.

R v W

Double murder during aggravated burglaries.

R v L

Murder of 15-month-old baby.

R v M

Encrochat conspiracy to murder involving semi-automatic pistols, assault rifles and hand grenades.

R v L

International drug importations of tonnes of cocaine involving the American, Spanish, Columbian and Dutch Drug Enforcement Agencies.

R v OW

Christmas Common Murder. Not guilty verdict by reason of insanity.

R v H

The murder and disposal of one victim and separate attempted murder of another victim with an axe.

R v L

Murder of co-worker during Lockdown.

R v D

22 year old Cold Case murder.

R v M

Multiple attempted murders using knives, axes and machetes.

R v O

London gang related attempted murder and acid attack.

R v Gul

Conspiracy to supply firearms.

R v AB

Gangland murder.

R v A

Conspiracy to cheat the public revenue.

Tobacco duty evasion: 48 tonnes of tobacco and £7.5 million duty evaded.

R v V

Nationwide Country Lines Class A drug supply.

R v Qureshi

Fraud on major clearing banks by computer hacking.

R v Connoly

International tobacco smuggling operation valued at £70 million.

R v  M

Conspiracy to Rob, Kidnap and possess firearms. Robbery of £53 million from the Securitas Depot Tonbridge.

R v Hillier

Robbery of gold bullion, diamonds and currency from Brinks Matt at Swissport Heathrow.

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