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20th Apr 2022News

Martin Heslop QC’s client aquitted of Murder at Manchester Crown Court

Martin S Heslop QC represented defendant XW who was acquitted of all charges, including murder and manslaughter, in a gangland murder trial at Manchester Crown Court. After a five week trial, all of the other three defendants were convicted of murder. The case involved a knife attack upon a 16 year old deceased who was […]

4th Apr 2022News

2 Hare Court Welcomes New Tenant Madeleine Wolfe

Chambers is delighted to announce that Madeleine Wolfe (previously of 23es) has accepted an invitation to join 2 Hare Court with effect from today.  Madeleine joins us as a sought after practitioner with substantial experience instructed to both prosecute and defend serious criminal offences across the spectrum. Madeleine has a particular expertise in examining and cross […]

21st Feb 2022News

Sophia Dower’s client acquitted in extraordinary case of kidnap by fraud

After a trial lasting 6 weeks before Reading Crown Court, Sophia’s client (AD) was one of two defendants, out of eight, to be acquitted of kidnap. The circumstances of the case were highly unusual, given that the vast majority of kidnap offences involve force, as opposed to fraud. At the time of the offence, the […]