Angus Bunyan

Angus Bunyan

"He prosecutes with a fair hand but also a firm hand, and he's incredibly knowledgeable about his cases. He prosecutes multi-defendant cases with ease."

Chambers UK 2020
Year of call: 1999
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Criminal Defence

As a junior alone, Angus has successfully defended individuals charged with murder, rape and other serious sexual offences where a robust but jury-friendly approach is required. He has also appeared as a led junior working with Silks in Chambers and outside.


R V Scott Hunt & 5 Others (junior alone)

Murder case involving the dismemberment and burial of the deceased and a subsequent conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Angus’ client was acquitted by the jury on one count and the Judge acceded to a submission of no case on a second.

R V Vitautas Jokubauskas

Led by David Howker QC in a murder case involving the brutal killing and dismemberment of the deceased and the subsequent disposal of body parts around Peterborough.

R V Peter Barnett

Dubbed ‘one of Britain’s biggest fare evaders’, Angus successfully argued at a Newton hearing that his client should be sentenced on a much reduced loss figure, thus ensuring that immediate imprisonment was avoided.

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