Laura Stephenson

Laura Stephenson

Year of call: 2012
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Criminal Defence

Laura enjoys a busy criminal practice. She defends in the Crown Court in cases involving a range of offences including supply of drugs, serious violence, robbery, sexual offences and fraud.

Laura has recently defended in the following cases:

R v PB

A robbery in which the complainant was rendered unconscious. Following Laura’s cross-examination of the complainant, the prosecution conceded that the evidence against the defendant was insufficient to lead to a conviction and offered no further evidence in the case.

R v LD

Laura represented a man accused of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm in a domestic context. It was accepted that the defendant had caused significant injury to the complainant; the issue was whether the incident was accidental. The defendant was acquitted after a five-day trial.

R v AH

Laura represented one of eight individuals who had pleaded guilty to participating in a ‘crash for cash’ fraud. The case law on frauds of this nature recommends sentences of immediate custody in all but exceptional cases. Laura’s client was one of only three defendants to receive a suspended sentence.

R v SN

A young woman was accused of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. It was alleged that the she had used a glass as a weapon in fight, causing wounds to the complainant’s face. The defendant raised self-defence and was acquitted.

R v LH

The defendant faced the unusual charge of attempt to cause serious injury by dangerous driving, as well as a charge of dangerous driving and witness intimidation. It was alleged that he had run over the complainant with his car and thereafter intimidated the complainant in an effort to obstruct the course of justice. The defendant was acquitted on all three counts.

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