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27th Nov 2018News

Costs Order Successfully Secured Against Private Prosecutor for Improperly Commencing Criminal Proceedings

Will Martin has successfully secured a costs order against a private prosecutor for improperly commenced criminal proceedings against his clients, three businessmen. The private prosecutor, a solicitor, instigated proceedings alleging a conspiracy to blackmail. The allegations resulted from the private prosecutor’s acrimonious purchase of a London property owned by two of the businessmen. The prosecution […]

16th Aug 2018News

Jonathan Rees QC & Will Martin Successfully Prosecute Delroy Forrester for Unlawful Killing of his 11 Year Old Great-Niece

Jonathan Rees QC and Will Martin secured the conviction of Delroy Forrester for the unlawful killing of his 11 year old great-niece, Jasmine Forrester. In February 2018 Jasmine was subjected to a brutal and unprovoked attack in her great-grandmother’s home in Wolverhampton. A post-mortem examination revealed she had suffered more than 100 separate injuries during […]

31st Jul 2018Newsflash

Newsflash: Sentencing Guidelines for Manslaughter Introduced

The Sentencing Council has published new guidelines for how offenders convicted of manslaughter should be sentenced in England and Wales. The guideline comes into force on 1 November 2018. Purpose This is the first time that comprehensive guidelines have been drawn up for these very serious and difficult cases, which often have great variation in […]

27th Nov 2017Newsletters

As a $31m Crypto-Currency Heist is Revealed, is there a Wave of Crypto-Crime Litigation on the Horizon?

On 19th November 2017 the company Tether, an online exchange which facilitates trades between crypto-currencies and traditional currencies was subject to a cyber-heist worth nearly $31mUSD. Undoubtedly, crypto-currency (‘crypto’) has now crossed over into the mainstream. What began nearly ten years ago as a quasi-mythical, anti-establishment underground movement has been brought into the glaring light. […]