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28th Jun 2018News

The Challenges of Challenging the Coroner: R (Parkinson) v HM Senior Coroner for Kent, Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust & Sameer Hijazi [2018] EWHC 1501 (Admin)

Stephen Brassington and Andrew Hurst successfully represented the Trust and Dr H respectively in a recent attempt by Mr Parkinson to challenge the coroner’s conclusions into the death of his mother by way of judicial review. The coroner was represented by Samantha Leek Q.C. The Divisional Court rejected Mr Parkinson’s claim, and in doing so […]

22nd Jun 2018News

Gavin Irwin Averts Closure of School after Discovery of Weapons and £400,000 Cash

Gavin Irwin appeared on behalf of the Darul Uloom School (London) today before Senior District Judge Arbuthnot at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court. As a result of ‘safeguarding concerns’, the Secretary of State for Education had sought an emergency order to remove the school from the Register of Independent Schools under section 120 of […]

14th Jun 2018Newsletters

Professional Discipline Summer Newsletter

The impact of GMC v Bawa-Garba continues to be felt throughout the healthcare sector. The Williams review looks set to reopen the debate on the proper approach to regulation. Lewis Macdonald considers whether the recommendations go far enough. Meanwhile Ben Rich analyses the appeal of Dr G Arunachalam v GMC: even repeated sexually inappropriate behaviour […]

13th Jun 2018News

Narita Bahra appears on BBC Radio 4 to discuss Disclosure Failings

Narita Bahra appeared on Sarah Montague’s BBC Radio 4 News last week to discuss the increasingly concerning issue of disclosure failures. Narita has been involved in numerous high profile cases where disclosure been an issue and resulted in the collapse of the case. In a human trafficking case Narita and the defence team were only […]