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31st Oct 2019News

Business Crime & Financial Services Group Newsletter

Welcome to the Autumn 2019 edition of the Business Crime & Financial Services Group Newsletter. In this edition: • Fiona Robertson considers the Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) entered into by the SFO and Serco Geografix Ltd. This is the first time a parent company has given undertakings in relation to a DPA entered into by […]

30th Oct 2019News

Nikita McNeill Represented Coroner to Quash Inquest Following Murder Conviction

Nikita McNeill appeared in the Divisional Court yesterday on behalf of HM Senior Coroner for West London to apply to quash the inquest into the death of Peter Fasoli. Mr Fasoli was found unresponsive in his burning home in 2013. London Fire Brigade concluded the fire was caused by a faulty LED and the inquest […]

28th Oct 2019News

Martin Heslop QC Secures First Ever Extension of a Provisional Statement for a Large Casino

Martin Heslop QC secured the first ever extension of a provisional statement for a Large Casino under the Gambling Act 2005 before the Southampton Licensing Committee. Acting on behalf of Aspers, he obtained, despite strenuous residential objections, a three year extension to the original provisional statement for a large casino to be built and operated […]

25th Oct 2019News

Mark Graffius and Merry van Woodenberg Defend in Complex International Film Industry Fraud Case at Southwark Crown Court

Mark Graffius and Merry van Woodenberg represented a man charged with involvement in a conspiracy to defraud various film production equipment companies. The man was alleged to have set up a company and various bank accounts, that were then used as vehicles to assist in a cross-jurisdictional conspiracy involving the large-scale theft of film production […]

25th Oct 2019News

Gudrun Young Secures Acquittal in Historic Rape Case

Gudrun Young secures acquittal in historic rape case.  Ylli Kalemi (also known as Salemi Sherifi) was alleged to have raped the 14 year old granddaugther of his boss in August 1998.  However, he was granted bail and fled the country in January 1999.  He lived and worked in Ireland for 20 years before being arrested […]