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30th Jan 2023News

HCPC Discontinues Case Against Registrant Marios Lambis KC Client

Marios represented the interests of a registrant of the Heath & Care Professions Council (‘HCPC’) accused of dishonesty.  The case involved allegedly false claims to insurers over a number of years. The insurer had also referred the registrant to the police. The allegations and the HCPC investigation spanned many years. Prior to the substantive hearing […]

3rd Oct 2022News

Marios Lambis KC acts in Abuse of Process Argument

Marios Lambis KC mounted a successful abuse of process argument before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (‘MPTS’) in respect of a Consultant Psychiatrist accused of multiple misconduct allegations which included clinical and record keeping deficiencies, allegedly involving some 17 patients. On one count the doctor faced almost 1900 possible findings of fact and the investigation […]

22nd Apr 2022News

Marios Lambis QC becomes first Professional Discipline barrister to be appointed QC

Chambers is delighted to see in a number of periodicals that it is believed Marios Lambis QC is the first barrister to specialise completely in Professional Discipline matters to be appointed Queen’s Counsel. This is a remarkable recognition not just of Marios’s ability and standing as an advocate but the expanding importance of Professional Discipline […]

10th Feb 2022News

Marios Lambis Successfully Defends General Practitioner

Marios Lambis successfully defended a General Practitioner facing over 97 possible findings of fact. The GP in question faced allegations of dishonesty, bullying, the deleting of patient records, leaving the practice without doctor cover and improperly closing patient/practice lists. The General Medical Council alleged there were serious issues pertaining to mismanagement of his practice generally, […]