News Professional Discipline 30th Jan 2023

HCPC Discontinues Case Against Registrant Marios Lambis KC Client

Marios represented the interests of a registrant of the Health & Care Professions Council (‘HCPC’) accused of dishonesty.  The case involved allegedly false claims to insurers over a number of years. The insurer had also referred the registrant to the police.

The allegations and the HCPC investigation spanned many years.

Prior to the substantive hearing the Defence put the HCPC on notice of its intention to mount an abuse of process argument to stay the proceedings in the light of the manner in which the regulator had investigated the matter, the nature of its evidence and its numerous other failures. Having received the Defence’s skeleton argument, but prior to the argument, the HCPC sought an adjournment to seek to remedy some of the many deficiencies identified by the Defence.

Today, despite having obtained that uncontested adjournment, the HCPC made an application to discontinue the entirety of its case against the Registrant.

Marios was instructed by Deborah Nicholson of Markel Law.


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