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22nd Oct 2018News

Narita Bahra and Harry Bentley Secure Acquittal for Client Charged with Multi-Million Pound Conspiracy to Manufacture, Import, Export and Distribute Anabolic Steroids (Class C drugs)

Narita Bahra and Harry Bentley secure acquittal for client charged with multi-million pound conspiracy to manufacture, import, export and distribute Anabolic Steroids (Class C drugs). Arrests were made after the large volumes of drugs were seized at a London airport. This prosecution resulted from a growing epidemic of anabolic steroid use among image-obsessed young people. […]

8th Sep 2017News

Narita Bahra & Harry Bentley represent client involved in Bedford Shooting

Narita Bahra and Harry Bentley represent one of 16 defendants allegedly involved in four shootings that took place in Bedford on 8th July. Shootings took place in Faraday Square in Elstow, where a woman was shot, Lovell Road, Foxglove Way and Romsey Way. The police believe the shootings were all linked and were ‘targeted attacks’. […]

20th Oct 2016News

Sallie Bennett-Jenkins & Harry Bentley Begin Trial for PC Semple Murder

Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC and Harry Bentley appeared at the Old Bailey today, representing Stefano Brizzi, charged with the murder of PC Semple and for obstructing a coroner in the execution of duty. The officer vanished whilst on duty on April 1st of this year, his partner reported him missing after he failed to return to […]