News Criminal Defence 25th Feb 2021

Narita Bahra QC and Harry Bentley’s positive engagement with the opposition, in a terrorism trial, results in a just outcome.

The prosecution offered no evidence at trial, in a case where Narita and Harry’s client was charged with two counts of encouraging terrorism contrary to section 1 Terrorism Act 2006. It transpired that their client was a young man whose mental health deteriorated during the covid pandemic and went undetected.

The prosecution alleged that the client published statements on Facebook that were likely to be understood by a reasonable person as a direct encouragement or other inducement to them to the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism or Convention offences and at the time of so doing, intended members of the public to be, or was reckless as to whether they would be, so encouraged.

The defence team instructed a series of experienced experts and psychiatrists to support the client’s defence.

Those reports formed the basis of enabling the defence to engage with the prosecution, CPS and Attorney General to successfully resolve the matters in the public and client’s interests, without a trial.

The case appeared before the Recorder of Teeside who endorsed the approach taken by all parties involved in the case, commenting “this is an example of  a case which shows those who work in the criminal justice system in a very good light. Both sides worked constructively together to bring about a just outcome”.

Narita Bahra QC and Harry Bentley were instructed by Harewood Law.

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