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31st May 2023Newsletters

Racist or racially motivated? – Lambert Simpson v HCPC

In Robert Lambert-Simpson v Health and Care Professions Council [2023] EWHC 481 (Admin), a registered psychologist posted a series of offensive comments on his social media account. The comments ranged in tone and content; three of them were alleged by the HCPC to be ‘racially motivated’. Of those three, one was found by the Panel […]

5th Apr 2023Blog

The Criminal Procedure (Amendment No. 2) Rules (S.I. 2022/815): subtle but important changes

There is of course nothing more exhilarating than amendments to the Criminal Procedure Rules: the Criminal Procedure (Amendment No. 2) Rules (S.I. 2022/815) (“the Rules”), which came into force on 3 October 2022, are no exception. The Rules introduce subtle but important amendments to the procedure governing the bringing of private prosecutions, and applications for […]

24th Oct 2018Articles

No More ‘Manna Found on the Desert Floor’ for Insiders: The s. 271(3) Defence Revisited

In SFC v. Yiu Hoi Ying Charles, Wong Nam Marian and the Market Misconduct Tribunal [2018] HKCFA 44, the Final Court of Appeal has issued a broadside against the wide application of the ‘no-profit’ defence in insider trading cases. The defence has now been explicitly narrowed: an offence will be committed where shares are traded […]