Training & Knowledge: April 2021

28th Apr 2021Blog

The Court of Appeal restates a robust approach to secondary parties in homicide cases.

Two recent Court of Appeal cases demonstrate the robust approach taken by the Court to secondary parties in homicide cases involving group violence between young men in public using weapons. In the context of such offences, the Court has emphatically restated the limited circumstances in which the principle of ‘Overwhelming Supervening Act’ might assist a […]

26th Apr 2021Blog

‘Big Tech Beware’

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption and immeasurable change to the lives of most ordinary people around the world. Many have paid a serious financial price in this chaotic period following the first spate of lockdowns around the world in early 2020. However, there have been some major beneficiaries who have profited significantly from […]

20th Apr 2021Blog

SANCTIONS FOR RACIST ABUSE – Brian O’Neill QC and Paul Renteurs consider whether there is a role for the criminal law in stamping out racial abuse on the field of play.

INTRODUCTION UEFA’s decision to ban the Slavia Prague footballer Ondrej Kudela for ten matches having been found to have racially abused Rangers’ footballer Glen Kamara in the teams’ recent Europa Cup match has been widely criticised by leading figures in Scottish football and anti-racist campaigners. Two of the highest profile examples of such behaviour in […]