Training & Knowledge: May 2022

26th May 2022Newsletters

Maxfield Martin v SRA [2022] EWHC 307 (Admin): Dishonesty finding quashed where a solicitor signed a factually false declaration, in the name of a partner of his firm

MM was a solicitor whose firm had a legal aid contract for mental health work. He needed to be reaccredited by the Law Society. The process required a partner/senior manager of the firm to sign the reaccreditation form and declare that the information was correct to the best of his knowledge, and that he had […]

26th May 2022Newsletters

Gray v SRA [2022] EWHC 624: Previous findings before the SDT

Rule 32(2) of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Rules provides that the judgment of any civil court, or any tribunal exercising a professional or disciplinary jurisdiction, may stand as proof but not conclusive proof of the facts upon which the judgment is based. Rule 32(2) is to some extent unusual. Whilst tribunals and civil courts have […]

26th May 2022Newsletters

General Medical Council v Abdulkhaled Ahmed [2022] EWHC 403 (Admin): Degree of deference in cases of sexual misconduct and the effect of interim orders on sanction

In a judgment handed down on 25 February 2022, Mr Justice Murray dismissed the General Medical Council’s appeal under section 40A of the Medical Act 1983 against a sanction of two months’ suspension imposed by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal (“MPT”). In doing so, the High Court restated the general principle that there was limited scope […]