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15th Oct 2021Blog

From the ODT to OMG: Reaction to and an analysis of the recent takeover of Newcastle United FC

“What’s the difference between a multimillionaire new club owner and human rights? Only some people get them…” Introduction That observation was but one pithy analysis of many. Such observations were duly doing the rounds on the Internet and social media, following the recent £305 million Saudi Arabian backed PIF sovereign wealth fund takeover of Newcastle […]

26th May 2021Newsletters

Deceptively simple – or simply deceptive? The dangers of over-complicating misconduct allegations – and over-simplifying reasons

Chief Constable Nottinghamshire Police v Police Appeals Tribunal ((Police Sergeant Jonathan Flint Interested Party) [2021] EWHC 1248 (Admin) Introduction On 12 May the Administrative Court handed down judgment in The Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police v Police Appeals Tribunal. As I had done below at the Police Appeals Tribunal (“PAT”), and throughout the original police […]

5th Nov 2020Newsletters

Police officers and the use of force – are we really all missing the point?: R (Officer W80) v Director General of the Independent Officer for Police Conduct [2020] EWCA Civ 1301

Introduction The Court of Appeal has recently delivered an interesting and potentially very significant judgment in the case of Officer W80. The case concerned the use of force by a police officer and whether misconduct proceedings could subsequently be instituted against him on the basis of his honestly held but mistaken belief. Facts The facts […]