19th Jan 2023Newsflash

High Court backs purposive interpretation of interim conditions: Kuzmin v General Medical Council [2023] EWHC 60 (Admin) 18th January 2023

If you think the name Kuzmin is familiar you would be right. Dr Kuzmin has been involved in GMC proceedings since 2018, represented throughout by the doughty Mary O’Rourke KC. Apart from lengthy MPTS proceedings, the case has involved a High Court challenge leading to the conclusion that a Tribunal can draw an adverse inference from the […]

6th Jan 2023Newsflash

Hexpress Healthcare Ltd v CQC [2022] EWHC 2943 (Admin) – Is 0.01% a fair sample?

Many healthcare providers will be all too aware of how difficult it can be to obtain an interim injunction against the CQC. Hexpress Healthcare will present few surprises in this regard. However, two points of interest emerge. The court reconsiders the CQC’s procedure for considering factual accuracy comments (“FAC”) from a provider prior to publication. […]