News Criminal Defence 20th Jul 2016

Naeem Mian Makes Closing Submissions on Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures case

Naeem Mian as leading counsel makes closing submissions following a five day hearing at the RCJ in TPIM Notice proceedings. Instructed by Amrik Bilkhu of Rahman Ravelli Solicitors, Naeem is one of a handful of barristers nationally who acts for individuals subject to TPIM Notices- the new form of Control Orders. TPIM Notices are issued by the Home Secretary against individuals whom the Home Secretary suspects of being involved in terrorism or terrorism related activity. Heard in both open and secret session, they invariably concern matters of national security and human rights. The TPIM Notices are imposed initially for one year and can last up to two years. Individuals against whom such Notices are imposed, are subject to anonymity, strict Measures and relocated away from their usual place of residence and family.

The Hearings require cross examination of Security Service and Home Office personnel. Proceedings are always heard before a select number of High Court judges at the RCJ.

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