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26th May 2021Newsletters

Denials, insight and sanction – the effect of denials on sanction

In Haydar Al Nageim v GMC [2021] EWHC 877 (Admin) the High Court visited, for the fourth time in under a year, what the effect should be on sanction if a registrant denies the facts of the charges and is disbelieved. It seems that the position may now have stabilised, and that the debate in […]

25th Feb 2021Newsletters

Conditional Discharges in regulatory proceedings

GOsC v Wray [2020] EWHC 3409 (Admin) How should regulators deal with professionals convicted of criminal offences, but who receive as a sentence nothing more than a conditional discharge? Most regulators have provisions in their rules for “conviction cases”. Generally the conviction is considered to be conclusive proof of the facts, and the registrant is […]

24th Jun 2020News

2 Hare Court Professional Discipline Summer Newsletter

  2 Hare Court Professional Discipline Newsletter June 2020   Contents   Introduction   A look into the remote future: Andrew Colman and Natasha Ricioppo   Keep calm and carry on (remotely) – One Blackfriars: Lewis Macdonald   The impact of Coronavirus on Inquests: Tom Day   Reviving Article 2 – Re Dalton: Hannah Thomas […]

19th Feb 2020Newsletters

When is strike-off all but automatic?

SRA v Mohammed Dar [2019] EWHC 2831 There has long been an issue with some regulators wanting to establish something of a tariff for certain disciplinary offences, particularly dishonesty. Many defence practitioners will remember the overuse of Parkinson v NMC [2010] EWHC 1898 (Admin) where a rule of law seemed to be created from an […]