Equality & Diversity

2 Hare Court is committed to equal treatment. A designated Equality & Diversity policy has been adopted for this purpose, which covers all aspects of 2 Hare Court’s operations including barristers, pupils, clerks, admin and clients.

Chambers adheres to the Equality & Diversity Code for the Bar, published by the General Council of the Bar.

Chambers is committed to ensuring that no forms of discrimination are practised by Chambers or organisations or individuals with which it is associated in any way. Further, it will ensure, as far as is practicably possible, that every effort is made to minimise or negate the effects of discrimination, or discriminatory practice, by any organisation or individual with who Chambers or its clients necessarily have contact.

Chambers is similarly committed to ensuring that clients and organisations shall be entitled to equality of opportunities irrespective of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, religious or political persuasion.

Chambers will not tolerate any form of harassment and will take all necessary steps to ensure that its members, pupils and employees are not subject to harassment.

Chambers is committed to the observance of good practice in respect of the granting of Maternity, Paternity and Parental Leave.

Chambers is aware that from time to time members will wish to take career breaks, work flexible hours, part time or partly from home to enable them to manage their family responsibilities and remain in practice. Designated policies have been adopted for the above purpose and these policies apply to barristers, pupils, and staff.

The Equality and Diversity Officer is responsible for the effective operation of the Chambers’ policy and (s)he will review any guidance issued by the Bar Council, the Crown Prosecution Service (“CPS”), the Legal Aid Agency (formerly Legal Services Commission (“LSC”) and any other relevant organisation and make any necessary recommendations.

In line with the Equality and Diversity Rules of the Bar’s Code of Conduct, Chambers publishes a summary of the Diversity Data of its members and staff. This can be accessed and downloaded here.


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