News Professional Discipline 12th Feb 2024

Amina Graham advanced a submission of no case to answer which resulted in the dismissal of a case involving 15 allegations of gross misconduct against a police officer

The case involved a Metropolitan Police firearms officer accused of 15 allegations of gross misconduct. These included two allegations of sexual assault and a number of allegations of inappropriate sexualised communications involving a fellow officer. It was alleged that the accused officer’s actions, both individually and cumulatively, amounted to gross misconduct.

At the conclusion of the Appropriate Authority’s (“AA”) case, and following extensive cross-examination of the complainant, Amina advanced a submission of no case to answer founded on both limbs of the well-known authority R v Galbraith. It was argued on behalf of the officer that the entirety of the AA’s case against the officer should be dismissed. This was resisted by the AA who argued that the case should proceed.

Following the consideration of both written and oral submissions on behalf of the officer, the police misconduct panel acceded to the submission and dismissed all 15 allegations.

The link to the judgment can be found here.


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