News Criminal Regulatory 5th Jan 2024

Paul Renteurs features in ‘Fatal Flight: Shoreham’ documentary

Paul Renteurs has featured in a documentary on Discovery Plus concerning the investigation of the Shoreham Airshow crash in 2015. ‘Fatal Flight: Shoreham‘ explores the circumstances of the crash itself, the investigation that followed, and the legal proceedings in both the criminal and coronial courts. Appearing alongside families of those who lost their lives in the incident, police investigators and other experts, Paul gives his analysis of the legal issues that arose in the case, including the nature of the defence that was advanced by the pilot at his trial, and the reasons why there was ultimately a finding of unlawful killing by His Majesty’s Coroner, despite the fact that the pilot had been acquitted of gross negligence manslaughter. Paul has previously written in 2 Hare Court’s Criminal Regulatory Newsletter about the issues of disclosure that arose in the criminal case here.


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