News 14th Jun 2019

Martin Hicks QC Secures Acquittal in ‘Attempt Murder’ Retrial Ordered by Court of Appeal

Following the Appellate Court’s decision to quash conviction and order a re-trial, Martin Hicks QC was instructed to represent John McAleer accused of attempting to murder his then girlfriend by pushing her off a 4th floor balcony.

The prosecution relied upon eyewitness testimony of other party goers present in the flat at the time as to both the event on the balcony and arguments between the couple that took place beforehand.

They also adduced bad character evidence of other previous incidents of violent behaviour of the defendant towards the victim. Notwithstanding lies told to the police at the scene, in interview and later on oath at the earlier trial by Mr McAleer, the jury sitting at St Albans Crown Court accepted his belated defence of accident caused by another.

Martin led Warwick Aleeson and was instructed by Healey Colbon Solicitors.

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