News Criminal Defence 11th Sep 2017

Narita Bahra secures acquittal for Ex-Universal Music Media Mogul

Narita Bahra secured an acquittal last week for a former studio head at Universal Music. Dave Pollard was accused of sexually assaulting a brand designer as she slept after walking her home after drinks. When questioned by police Pollard insisted the woman was the instigator. Pollard said the woman allowed him to massage her feet in the flat, claiming she also sat on his lap with her arms around him. She denied allowing him to unzip her dress, kissing him in her bed and directing the sex act. She also denied kissing and hugging Pollard as he left, with the defendant claiming that he thanked her for a pleasant evening. Three days later, she reported Pollard to the police and he was questioned on February 18.

Pollard insisted the act was consensual and an Isleworth Crown Court jury unanimously agreed.

Narita was instructed by Robert Borwick from ABV Solicitors.


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