News Criminal Defence 16th Nov 2016

Fiona Robertson’s Client Avoids Custody for his Part in Cannabis Ring

Fiona Robertson’s client was handed a suspended sentence for his part in an Essex drugs ring involved in the supply of cannabis. The case arose after the first defendant was arrested and incarcerated for possession with intent to supply cannabis and amphetamine thereby disturbing the onward supply of an additional 100 kilograms of cannabis hidden at his girlfriend’s house. Using the prison telephone system the first defendant gave directions to his family in coded language to ensure the safe removal of the drugs from his girlfriend’s address and the collection of drug money. Undercover surveillance by the police identified the onward supply of cannabis and receipt of cash from members of the conspiracy.

The prosecution case was that Fiona Robertson’s client was part of the conspiracy as he was observed receiving two boxes alleged to contain cannabis in a pub car park from another member of the drugs ring. At trial the jury acquitted the defendant of conspiracy to supply cannabis, thereby in part accepting his account that he had merely been a courier of the boxes and had no knowledge of the wider drugs ring. Given the two boxes could only have contained around 35 kilograms of cannabis the Judge was able to suspend the term of imprisonment imposed for possession with intent to supply the two boxes. The defendant was, therefore, sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment suspended for 2 years with 150 hours of unpaid work.

Fiona was instructed by Grant Ambridge from Murrays Partnership

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