News 13th May 2016

David Howker QC represents mentally ill ‘Road Rage’ man accused of murder

David Howker QC appeared in court this week representing Matthew Daley, accused of murdering 79-year-old Donald Lock following a minor road incident on the A24 in Sussex last July.

Prior to the incident Daley was misdiagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome by doctors who failed to recognise that he was suffering with both psychosis and schizophrenia.

Speaking in Court, David Howker QC said: “The health authority belatedly have acknowledged to the Daley family how they failed Mr Daley, how he had not received the care and treatment he should have done and they have apologised for that. There will always be a question mark that if done properly, that this could have all been avoided.”

The trial, which has been widely covered by national media, continues next week.

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