News Public Prosecution 18th Dec 2015

Jonathan Rees QC secures convictions in child destruction case

In a unique case, Jonathan Rees QC secured the convictions of 22 year old Kevin Wilson and his 17 year old accomplice for offences of child destruction and GBH.

The case concerned a brutal attack on a heavily pregnant young woman, in the course of which her attackers, whose identities were concealed by motorcycle helmets and scarves, deliberately targeted her stomach in order to destroy her unborn baby. Wilson was proved to be┬áthe baby’s father. As a result of the attack, the unborn baby boy was lost at 32 weeks gestation and had to be delivered, stillborn, by emergency Caesarean section. Meanwhile, Miss Bantala required life-saving surgery to control bleeding from her left uterine artery.

Sentencing will take place in February 2016.

This was Jonathan’s last case as Treasury Counsel.

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