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Increasingly, corporate and individual clients are seeking advice on whether bringing a private prosecution may be a suitable option for best protecting their interests, particularly in cases which also include parallel civil proceedings.

It is no coincidence that such advice is being sought in a period of economic downturn when the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Serious Fraud Office and other prosecuting authorities are suffering budgetary restraints. Private Prosecutions can offer clients closer involvement and control over decision making, a thorough degree of preparation and a more senior and experienced level of legal representation than may otherwise be provided by the public prosecution authorities.

Whilst bringing such cases is not without difficulty, members of 2 Hare Court offer expertise in devising careful strategies, informed advice on prospects of success, and – importantly – on recovery of costs. Amongst our number are several former prosecutors, including those who have acted as First Senior, Senior and Junior Treasury Counsel (barristers appointed by the Attorney General to prosecute the most serious and complex criminal cases to come before the courts).

Julian Campbell
Julian Campbell, Director of Clerking
Criminal Prosecution – Private Team

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