Public Access

Members of the public are, in certain circumstances, able to instruct a barrister directly, without first having to go through a solicitor or other intermediary. There are many advantages to this approach:

  • You have direct contact with the specialist of your choice who will advise you and present your case before a court or tribunal;                                                      
  • Dealing with a barrister directly avoids duplication of work and cost;  
  • Where the involvement of other professionals may be required, your barrister is well placed to suggest experienced and trusted advisers, and to provide a clearly defined scope of work for them to undertake; 
  • As specialists in 2 Hare Court's areas of expertise, our barristers provide thorough and knowledgeable assistance with your legal issue;
  • We can quickly provide a summary of your legal problem, so an initial diagnosis and accurate estimate of costs can be provided; 
  • With lower overheads than solicitors, you can benefit from lower hourly rates, and obtain greater value for money.

Our barristers can advise you, at any stage of proceedings, on whether you or your company are in breach of legislation. We can also represent you in criminal cases and appeals*, in cases before professional disciplinary tribunals, in Health & Safety and Environmental disputes, and more.

The Bar Council has issued guidance for members of the public wishing to use this method of instructing barristers; this can be accessed here. It is important to recognise that you will be required to undertake various tasks to progress your case, and there are certain things your barrister is not allowed to do.

Not every case can be taken on under the rules of the public access scheme, but if you wish to know more, or enquire whether or not your case is suitable, please use our Enquiry Form and our Direct Access clerk will respond.


* Subject to certain restrictions