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Technology & Strategic Export Controls

Do you need a licence to send your technology abroad?

In this webinar, hosted by DAC Beachcroft, Gavin Irwin and Tim Ryan (Partner and Head of Technology at DACB) explore some of the complex issues that can arise in relation to export controls on software, AI and cutting-edge academic research.

As the UK takes an increasingly tough ‘national security’ line with intangible goods and associated services, and the list of ‘dual-use’ items continues to evolve, this webinar is a primer for those who may be new to the area, and a useful updater for those who are more familiar with the remit of the Export Control Joint Unit and HMRC investigations.

Gavin and Tim, together with Kelsey Farish, have been advising a UK based company for potential breaches of the export control regime relating to software for use in imaging and semi-conductor manufacturing.

Gavin Irwin, Tim Ryan and Kelsey Farish



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