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14th Mar 2023Blog

No short-cuts: a lesson for sports regulators

Yves Jean-Bart v FIFA (CAS 2021/A/7661) On 14 February 2023 The Court of Arbitration for Sport (‘CAS’) upheld the appeal of former president of the Haitian Football Federation, Yves Jean-Bart, against the findings of the Adjudicatory Chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee, that he had sexually assaulted a number of female players at the Haitian […]

4th May 2021Blog

Sanctions for supporter disorder loom over the big six in the wake of the doomed European Super League project.

The events at Old Trafford suggest that an immediate consequence of the (so-called) ‘big six’ clubs’ dalliance with the ESL is significant supporter disorder. The clubs will need to actively mitigate that risk if they want to avoid sanctions. Last Sunday, disgruntled Manchester United supporters successfully sabotaged one of the biggest fixtures in world football. […]

28th Apr 2021Blog

The Court of Appeal restates a robust approach to secondary parties in homicide cases.

Two recent Court of Appeal cases demonstrate the robust approach taken by the Court to secondary parties in homicide cases involving group violence between young men in public using weapons. In the context of such offences, the Court has emphatically restated the limited circumstances in which the principle of ‘Overwhelming Supervening Act’ might assist a […]