Training & Knowledge: Vivienne Tanchel

11th Oct 2022Newsletters

Lu v SRA [2022] EWHC 1729(Admin): Open justice vs anonymity

It has become common practice for regulators to redact the names of third parties in their decisions, and use letters instead to identify them. This is usually done without application or even notice to the defence and includes names of parties only tangentially relevant to the case as well as witnesses. So commonplace is the […]

28th Oct 2021Newsletters

Creeping unfairness and remote hearings at the General Dental Council

At the start of the pandemic almost 19 months ago, there was an urgency to keep the wheels of justice moving and for cases to continue to be heard if at all possible. Technology, regulators, practitioners and registrants all rose to the challenge and within weeks of the order to work from home, interim order […]

25th Feb 2021Newsletters

Interfering with the Tribunal’s discretion?

PSA v GMC and Dighton [2020] EWHC 3122 (Admin) Before the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Dr Dighton faced allegations that – despite lacking the expertise to do so – he had prescribed a number of addictive medications to a vulnerable patient without informing her GP, and had failed to adequately assess her or refer her to […]

19th Feb 2020Newsletters

Dishonesty re-visited

Uwen v General Medical Council [2019] EWHC 3483 (Admin) On December 20th 2019, Mrs Justice McGowan heard an appeal brought by Doctor Uwen against a decision of the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal that she had behaved dishonestly and erasing her from the register. The facts of the case were very simple: Dr Uwen, a consultant psychiatrist […]