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30th Nov 2021Blog

Greenwashing – a Minute to Midnight?

On 1st November, inside Glasgow’s SEC Centre hosting COP26, PM Boris Johnson highlighted the urgent need to embrace a green industrial revolution to tackle climate change and meet a target of net carbon neutrality by 2050: “It’s one minute to midnight and we need to act now…it will be too late for our children to […]

18th Dec 2015Articles

Leveson’s illiberal legacy?

Last month marked the last of the unsuccessful prosecutions of journalists (Messrs Pharo and Pyatt) under Elveden, the ill fated police operation into cash payments made to public officials for stories. Such relief for our free and independent press will, however, be short-lived. First, as referenced in our article Operation Elveden: A sting in the […]

1st Jul 2015Articles

Operation Elveden: A Sting In The Tail?

On 22nd May, Anthony France, a journalist at The Sun was convicted by a jury at the Old Bailey of aiding and abetting the 13th Century common law offence of Misconduct in Public Office. He did so by paying a police officer in excess of £22,000 for some 38 stories published during a three-year period. […]