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24th Oct 2017Newsletters

Cross-examining expert witnesses; A Masterclass

Introduction A title like this (not my suggestion, I hasten to add) makes me just a little nervous, because having set the bar high, you can almost guarantee this will be anything but a masterclass. It’s a little like that puffed-up barrister who’s giving it large to the client and his instructing solicitor before the […]

30th Nov 2016Articles

HKSAR v Deborah Annells: Prolific Offending and Regulatory Shortcomings

Introduction On 11 July 2016 British tax consultant Deborah Annells was sentenced by the High Court of Hong Kong to nine years’ imprisonment for offences relating to theft, fraud and possession of a false instrument, following a guilty plea.[1] The case is an example of serious and prolific white-collar offending, and one which raises major […]