Training & Knowledge: Emily Dummett

7th Dec 2017Newsletters

The Inns of Court College of Advocacy (ICCA) and Royal Statistical Society (RSS) Guidebook for Advocates on the Use of Statistical Evidence in Court

This important and detailed guidebook is designed to identify the main pitfalls that advocates are likely to meet when handling statistics and so help us to avoid the miscarriages of justice that can occur – and have occurred – because of misunderstandings, and inappropriate use, of statistics and probability in court. Taking the simple, famous […]

23rd Feb 2017Newsletters

Article 4 of the Bill of Rights – slavery and servitude

Governments and businesses across the world are increasingly expected to detect, report, and prevent incidences of forced labour and human trafficking. In the recent case of ZN v Secretary for Justice, Director of Immigration, Commissioner for Police and Commissioner for Labour HCAL 15/2015), the High Court decided that the HKSAR Government – perhaps like the […]

5th Jan 2017Newsletters

Checklist for Out of Time Appeals on Jogee Grounds

The CCA’s Approach  It is for the applicant for exceptional leave to appeal out of time to demonstrate that a substantial injustice would be done. This is a high threshold. It is not enough to show that the law has now, following Jogee, been declared to have been mistaken. The CCA will primarily and ordinarily […]