Training & Knowledge: June 2024

25th Jun 2024Blog


Views vary widely on the practice of ticket touting.  To some, touts are the epitome of free marketeers; to others they are exploiters who take advantage of those who are unable to buy tickets at face value. The rules regarding the resale of tickets for sports fixtures vary from event to event, sport to sport […]

20th Jun 2024Blog

Time-limits in asset forfeiture proceedings – high time for clarity?

Since the jurisdiction to freeze bank accounts and seize specific listed assets was introduced to the Magistrates’ Court by the Criminal Finances Act 2017, there has been a considerable increase in the recovery of money alleged to be the proceeds of crime or intended for use in crime by the authorities. Money recovered in civil […]

12th Jun 2024Blog

Prosecutions for racist abuse: the Spanish experience

Sarah Przybylska considers the prosecution of three Valencia supporters for their racist abuse of a Real Madrid player The 2HC Sports Law team have kept a close eye on developments in combatting racism in football.  Following UEFA’s decision to ban the Slavia Prague player Ondřej Kúdela for only ten matches for racial abuse of Rangers’ […]

12th Jun 2024Blog

The collateral use of evidence served in criminal proceedings – is it permissible?

The position on the collateral use of unused material disclosed in criminal proceedings is clear.  By virtue of ss.17 & 18 of the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996, such material may only be deployed in the proceedings in which it was disclosed unless (a) it is required for purposes incidental to the main case […]

4th Jun 2024Blog

Something in the water? Contaminants and Anti-Doping Regulations

On Tuesday 21 May Lizzy Banks, a 33 year-old professional cyclist who competed at international level, gave a newspaper interview and published a 16,000-word blog post documenting an agonising 10 months following an  ‘Adverse Analytical Finding’ (i.e. a positive test) for two prohibited substances in July last year. Ms Banks has been cleared of any […]