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23rd Dec 2019Articles

Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) issue statement regarding disclosure and transparency

The Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) has recently issued a statement reminding listed companies of their duties of disclosure and transparency, particularly when it comes to the nature and identity of their counterparties to transactions. As part of its on-going drive to tackle market and corporate misconduct, the SFC emphasised the importance of listed issuers […]

29th Oct 2019Newsletters

Corporate Transparency and Register Reform

In May this year the Government (BEIS together with Companies House) opened a consultation into Corporate Transparency and Register Reform, as part of the continuing drive to increase the transparency of UK corporate entities and to help combat the risk of fraud and the misuse of information. The aim is to reduce the risk of […]

29th Oct 2019Newsletters

Corporate Intelligence: Strategic friend or foe?

The UK has one of the fastest growing markets worldwide for companies offering corporate intelligence and investigations services. These services can provide powerful insights for clients, and help to protect against fraud, corruption, litigation, commercial disruption, and reputational damage. But the market for private investigations is largely unregulated. The recent cases of Neil Gerard and […]

29th Oct 2019Newsletters

SFO Shuts Down Investigation into Libor Rigging

On 19 October 2019 the SFO announced that, following a seven year probe, the Libor investigation would be shut down. It said that: “Following a thorough investigation and a detailed review of the available evidence, there will be no further charges brought in this case. This decision was taken in line with the test in […]