Training & Knowledge: Paul Renteurs

1st Dec 2020Blog

Paul Renteurs considers whether new US anti-doping legislation is likely to lead to similar measures in the UK or elsewhere.

Awaiting its final sign-off from the President of the United States, the Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act 2019 represents a step-change in anti-doping enforcement at an international level. But given the controversy surrounding the new US legislation, does emulation in other jurisdictions, including the UK, remain unlikely? Section 4 of the new federal legislation[1], which completed its […]

2nd Nov 2020Newsletters

The Sentencing Code – Have we finally solved the Sentencing Jigsaw?

Despite the sentencing being undertaken by Courts on a daily basis, the body of law which governs this exercise is anything but straightforward. The current law of sentencing is complex, multi-faceted and ever evolving. Sentencing procedure is spread across a vast number of statutes. In its examination of sentencing law, the Law Commission compiled a […]

19th Feb 2020Newsletters

Replacing a Warning:

R (Bramhall) v. GMC [2019] EWHC 3525 (Admin) In the widely reported case of Simon Bramhall – a surgeon who branded the livers of patients on whom he had performed transplant surgery – the High Court has ruled that, following Mr Bramhall’s conviction, the GMC’s decision to effectively reverse a warning he had previously been […]