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25th Feb 2021Newsletters

When does inappropriate behaviour in the workplace amount to harassment?

PSA v HCPC and Leonard Ren-Yi Yong [2021] EWHC 52 (Admin) In a recent appeal, the Professional Standards Authority (“the PSA”) invited the High Court to overturn findings of the Health and Care Professions Council (“the HCPC”) that certain comments made by Mr Ren-Yi Yong – a social worker employed by the London Borough of […]

1st Dec 2020Blog

Paul Renteurs considers whether new US anti-doping legislation is likely to lead to similar measures in the UK or elsewhere.

Awaiting its final sign-off from the President of the United States, the Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act 2019 represents a step-change in anti-doping enforcement at an international level. But given the controversy surrounding the new US legislation, does emulation in other jurisdictions, including the UK, remain unlikely? Section 4 of the new federal legislation[1], which completed its […]

2nd Nov 2020Newsletters

The Sentencing Code – Have we finally solved the Sentencing Jigsaw?

Despite the sentencing being undertaken by Courts on a daily basis, the body of law which governs this exercise is anything but straightforward. The current law of sentencing is complex, multi-faceted and ever evolving. Sentencing procedure is spread across a vast number of statutes. In its examination of sentencing law, the Law Commission compiled a […]