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7th Dec 2018Newsletters

Case Commentary: R v WINTERTON [2018] EWCA Crim 2435

Andrew Winterton was convicted of the gross negligence manslaughter of Shane Wilkinson. He was also convicted of three counts alleging breaches of ss7 and 37 of the HSWA. He was sentenced to a total of four years’ imprisonment. A co-defendant, Dean Wortley, was acquitted of manslaughter but convicted of health and safety offences. He received […]

17th Oct 2018Newsletters

Challenge To First Unexplained Wealth Order Fails In High Court

National Crime Agency v Mrs A [2018] EWHC 2534 (Admin) 3rd October 2018 Supperstone J Even given the prices it charges, running up a £16 million bill in Harrods over ten years takes some doing. But when it’s done by a woman who does not claim to have independent wealth of her own, and who […]

14th Sep 2018Newsletters

Private Investigations

While many private prosecutors will already have all of the evidence they need to commence proceedings some will need to supplement it through further investigatory measures. Whilst private prosecutors may not enjoy the plethora of powers available to their public counterparts, they still have access to an important armory which can be effective when properly […]

16th Apr 2018Newsletters

Financial Fair Play: Still All Bark and no Bite?

“If they sign Mbappé, you could rip up Financial Fair Play. Since it was brought in you could argue it’s gone the other way. It’s obscene now.” So said Brendan Rodgers, manager of Scottish football club Celtic, last year after his team were drawn in the same group as Paris Saint-Germain in the UEFA Champions […]

30th Nov 2016Articles

Turning Financiers into Launderers: What do They Need to Know

Introduction On 11 July 2016, the Court of Final Appeal (‘CFA’) handed down the judgment in HKSAR v Yeung Ka Sing, Carson case. The ruling alters the elements of mens rea required to satisfy the offence of money laundering and will have a significant impact on the way these cases are prosecuted and defended, facilitating […]

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