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30th May 2019Newsletters

Lacking Integrity – The Waters Re-Muddied in Adetoye v The Solicitors Regulation Authority

After Wingate v SRA [2018] EWCA Civ 366 it was thought that Lord Justice Jackson had brought some clarity to the meaning of ‘lacking integrity’. Whilst the definition remained wide, it was clarified as different from, and involving adherence to a higher standard than, dishonesty: “Integrity connotes adherence to the ethical standards of one’s own […]

4th Dec 2018Newsletters

Karoulla t/a Brockley’s Rock: Revenue Battered on Disclosure

In Karoulla v HMRC [2018] UKUT 255 (TCC), the Upper Tribunal (‘UT’) has ruled that HMRC have a duty of candour in proceedings in the tax tribunal. Although not the first time that this has been suggested, it will no doubt be a cause for concern at HMRC, and presents opportunities for those representing taxpayers. […]

14th Sep 2018Newsletters

Private Investigations

While many private prosecutors will already have all of the evidence they need to commence proceedings some will need to supplement it through further investigatory measures. Whilst private prosecutors may not enjoy the plethora of powers available to their public counterparts, they still have access to an important armory which can be effective when properly […]

14th Jun 2018Newsletters

It Takes One to Quango- Sick to Death of Regulation in the Healthcare Sector?

Professor Sir Norman Williams’ rapid policy review of gross negligence manslaughter in healthcare was published on 11th June, and sets out a number of recommendations for reform in cases of suspected gross negligence manslaughter, and indeed for medical regulation generally. The recommendations largely reflect common sense, and are to be welcomed, but there is far […]

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