Training & Knowledge: Gavin Irwin

25th Jun 2021Articles

Technology & Strategic Export Controls

Do you need a licence to send your technology abroad? In this webinar, hosted by DAC Beachcroft, Gavin Irwin and Tim Ryan (Partner and Head of Technology at DACB) explore some of the complex issues that can arise in relation to export controls on software, AI and cutting-edge academic research. As the UK takes an increasingly tough […]

18th Nov 2020Articles

Gavin Irwin reviews the recent surge in enforcement activity at the Financial Conduct Authority

After Konstantin Vishnyak’s acquittal at Southwark Crown Court, on 28 September 2020, for destroying communications information, the FCA has recently signalled a renewed intensity in investigations and enforcement action in relation to: (1) unregulated collective investment schemes; (2) market abuse; and, (3) non-financial misconduct. Collective Investment Schemes There are many types of collective investment scheme […]

2nd Nov 2020Newsletters

The Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime and UK’s recent adoption of Magnitsky-type sanctions

On 6 July 2020, the UK introduced the Global Human Rights sanctions regime (‘GHRSR’), under the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018 (‘the Sanctions Act’). The GHRSR is, domestically, ground-breaking for two reasons: it is the first autonomous sanctions regime to be created under the Sanctions Act (previously, the Act had been used to mirror […]

22nd Oct 2020Blog

2 Hare Court Sports Law Group: Athletics Round-Up

Gavin Irwin explores recent developments in regulatory and disciplinary issues in the sport of Athletics Despite the public health emergency, it has been a busy time for regulatory bodies in the sport of athletics. Over recent years, materials science has revolutionised the performance of sports shoes, in particular, through the development of shoes containing carbon […]